Who's Who in the Mendip Morris

Squire BRIAN HENSHAW assumed command at our AGM in October 2017. As Squire he leads the Side and wears the Mendip Morris's Squires medallion. As well as Squire, Brian is also our Oversea's Bagman and has organised dozens of overseas trips with every one a winner!



Immediate Past Squire STEVE PARFITT was our Squire from 2015 to 2017 and, as such, takes command when Brian is away. Steve is a man of many parts: crew member on John Cabot's replica ship, The Matthew; musician; actor and pantomime star; and friend to the rich and famous (pictured here with his best buddy Michael Eavis of Glastonbury Festival fame!!!


Acting Bagman ROBIN MORRIS acts as Secretary to the Side and looks after the 'business' activities. Robin organises our bookings and looks after (if you can call it that) our website.



Our Treasurer is expert fiddler PETE 'TOMMO' THOMPSON. Tommo looks after our monies and also appears occasionally in his band  Magenta.




Foreman RIC BROCK takes a step in the right direction every Monday night at practice when he drills us in the finer points of our dance repertoire. As a retired teacher, he stands for no nonsense and bad dancers are put in detention or made to stand in the corner!